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June 17

Reg opens today for Leesville Gap (July 3) and Watsonville Criterium (July 17). Click on the names to see the flyers! 

May 28

All neutral support vehicles at Velo Promo races will have to be covered on the USAC 's insurance, which means we have to send in the relevant information to USAC and pay the fees at least a week before the race, preferably earlier. If you want to be neutral support, we must have the following information (and the Chief Ref must approve you as well):

Driver's full name

Driver's license #

Driver's D.O.B.

Auto license, year make and model

Auto VIN

Insurance Company

Insurance limits

Insurance policy dates

We welcome neutral support vehicles, driven by experienced support drivers, and insured through the USAC's non-hired insurance program for everyone's safety and support.

May 18

As we feared, the County of Stanislaus is still not accepting special event permit applications, and so we must regretfully announce that no Regalado Road Race will be taking place May 30. We may be able to conduct the event later in the year, once things open up more. Several Counties (Merced and Stanislaus among them), and several cities are still not allowing any events, while others are.

Our Cantua and Copperopolis events are on schedule, under permit and will take place. They are road races, so a number of things must be taken into consideration. We cannot provide neutral feeds this year, so you'll need to have someone from your team or family to hand up your own water bottles or other items in the designated Feed Zones. Also, the follow vehicle protocols will result in fewer ones on the road, and a longer wait for help - do plan to carry a pump and spare. We will not be able to accept entries at the race, so enter online by Thursday night before race day at bikereg.com. There will be other mitigation efforts at the races; please help us (and yourself) out by following them. Also, don't park on dry grass (as both events are much later in the season than usual, this is a major factor this year).

Some of our larger, most expensive and/or covid problematic road events on the schedule for later this season may be replaced by some of our earlier cancelled races. I'll provide information as soon as I can.

May 13

The Early Bird bicycle race training program for 2021 has come to an ignominous (and early) end.  After a successful and promising first event May 2, and a cancellation last week. I have to announce that there is no event this Sunday, either.  The City of Fremont has added conditions this week that make it impossible to conduct the event, including a requirement to have a professional traffic company supply and erect the barricades, signs etc for the street closure (an estimated cost of $2800), which is most of the entire budget of a day at the early Birds. Several other conditions as a whole make it impossible to conduct the events this year.  We hope to try again in Fremont in January, but are also looking to other cities/counties in the Bay Area for a new course. Any suggestions?

Meanwhile, again, those who have entered this event already will be getting a refund through your payment method from BikeReg. The Cantua Creek and Copperopolis races are taking place as scheduled, though there will not be entry at the events (only online up to the Thursday night before).

I'm not sure how many times I can apologize and still be taken seriously, but here I am again, apologizing. Incidentally, the Fremont issue has nothing to do with Covid-19, we were fine there.

May 7

Misunderstandings and issues on both sides of the permit process in Fremont have resulted in the City rescinding its permit for this Sunday.  It looks like we'll be able to go ahead with next weekend, the 16th, however. More news on that during the week.

All riders will get refunds from BikeReg to their form of payment.

Please pass the word to everyone you know; I'll be at the EB site on Sunday to answer questions.

My apologies.

--Robert Leibold

PS:   Cantua and Copperopolis are just fine, though we are still in the County permit process with Regalado.

April 28

The online deadlines for entry in the Early Bird bicycle race training events have been extended, right up to 7 a.m. on each Sunday, including this Sunday 5/2.There are no late fees, but at this point you will not be able to enter day-of except before 7 a.m. online at bikereg.com

Also, all entrants need to remember to download their USAC license and save it on their phones to show at registration    (the Early Birds in Fremont have good cell coverage, but later races such as Cantua and Copperopolis do not, and so you'll have no access to USAC or Bike Reg at registration there.)

The Early Birds Bicycle Race Training Program in Fremont was apparently approved at the city yesterday, and starts next week (May 2). Any help you can give to get the word out would be appreciated. 


This program is designed to introduce bicycle riders to bicycle racing. It is a non-judgemental series open to all, and includes a pre-race clinic, a practice race, and a post race session to review. Helmets and road bikes are required


Note that due to Covid-19 mitigations, the program this year is online entry only, with a deadline of the Thursday night before each Sunday's events. It should be up on BikeReg.com/early-bird-bicycle-race-training-series  by Friday 4/23 (maybe sooner). The entry flyer can be found here.

The Cantua Creek Road Race (May 29) and the Copperopolis Road Race (June 5) have both been permitted by USAC and the respective counties. Registration will open April 19. Both races have smaller field limits and are online entry only, and will have Covid-19 mitigations in place. Please read the flyers for more information (Cantua and Copperopolis).  The Early Birds Training Series in Fremont (May 2,9,16) are still in process as is Regalado Road Race (May 30)

We're back!

The Continuing Crisis in health and in the cycling sport:

Velo Promo plans for reopening


No one wants to return to racing more than Velo Promo. We are currently discussing events in the next few months with the applicable cities and counties, and are currently proposing the following, following State and Local Covid -19 guidance and increased vaccinations.


May 9  Early Birds in Fremont

May 16  Early Birds in Fremont

May 30  Regalado Road Race in Oakdale

June 5  Copperopolis Road Race in Milton (where else?)

July 3  Leesville Gap RR in Williams

July 17  Watsonville Criterium in Watsonville

July 18  Early Birds in Fremont


Once they let us know what they'll allow, we'll apply for USAC permits, etc.  It's possible that some of these will not go through (Merced County, for example, is still not even accepting any applications). These events are reasonably low cost, even with higher expenses relating to Covid-19 mitigations and reduced field limits.  We’d like to schedule Cantua Creek somewhere in here as well, and a fourth Early Bird date.


Other events later in the 2021 season like Patterson, Dunnigan, Winters, the Giro, and Oakland may need your help through sponsorships from companies, clubs, and the communities (any ideas?), due to their higher costs (CHP, officials, permits, staff, surcharges, etc). We are still deep in debt, though Mary Maroon’s Go Fund Me effort helped us through this difficult past year and the situation is improving (Thanks, Mary!, and all the donors!). We will be back in full swing in 2022; meanwhile most of our event plans for this year are still going forward, including all the Cal Cup races, those above and the others as usual. 


--Robert Leibold

Velo Promo

Sponsorship Call-out
Individuals have always supported Velo Promo races; now it’s time to get companies and corporations involved. We need to raise money via sponsorships for many of our most popular races. Everyone in the sport is or knows someone in a company to approach to get them involved in sponsorship of a category, or a race, or a series of Velo Promo races in Northern California.
All we are asking is to get the names and contacts of the right (and ideally interested) people to contact in Northern California companies. Many of you have enjoyed Velo Promo races for years, and we like to think we’ve added something to the sport in this area. We’ve had one company this past year join in (thank you Darren Mar-Elia and SDM Software!), but we need several more if we are to continue our program of races. Please contact us as soon as you can.
Thank you, ----Robert Leibold velopro1@gmail.com

Velo Promo needs your help.

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