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January 10, 2022 Update

This Sunday's Early Birds (1/16) should be open on BikeReg now. I'm trying to get it open for all three weeks, but it may be that I can't open one until the past one is over, so Sunday nights for the following Sunday..--Robert Leibold

January 4. 2022 Update

The Early Birds program starting this Sunday Jan 9, is in Livermore on Constitution Drive, not in Fremont, despite the Fremont Police Department's message to the public to the contrary.  Please spread the word. See you in Livermore the next four weeks!

September 15 Update

Due to an unforeseen schedule problem on the Santa Cruz Course (a large scale event at the Kaiser-Permanente Basketball Arena, and a conflict over two hours in the afternoon), we must shorten the race schedule for the Criterium on 9/26.  We have eliminated the Master 45+ 4/5 race, and moved each of the following races 65 minutes earlier more or less. Please check the schedule in the new race flyer, and inform your teammates and other riders. Yet another apology is in order. I'm sorry, but we have to live with the Arena and its scheduling (each event, the race, and the Fan Fest at the Arena, had to move farther apart by one hour.)


--Robert Leibold

September 7 Update

As of this morning, the Oakland Grand Prix on September 19th and the Santa Cruz Classic Criterium on September 26th are both on! BikeReg registration sign ups will be up in a day or two, and the races will use the same courses as in the past.

Oakland Gran Prix Flyer

Santa Cruz Classic Criterium Flyer

NEED FOR VOLUNTEERS: A volunteer sign up sheet for Santa Cruz can be found here.

August 31 Update- Athlone Time Trial

We are watching the air quality forecasts; no decision to cancel at this point.   However, all riders should realize that this is a pre-entry only race - all must be signed up by Wednesday night 11:59 pm, no race day entry. (the following day's Castle Criterium IS open to day-of entries)

August 28 Update- Copper Valley

With forecasted air quality in the Orange range (currently in the red) and temperatures up to 104 F,  I think we'd better call the race off and take our lumps, rather than subjecting riders to the conditions.  Light wind will be from the NE tonite,and then SW in the morning, keeping the smoke more or less where it is.

This is a disappointment to me and the staff, and to all riders, I'm sure; we have more than 2x as many as in 2019 signed up, and every thing in place (toilets, tee shirts, officials, staff, road closures, etc), but I'd rather not damage lungs with some races still on the calendar in the month ahead. I won't change this decision even with if we get better forecasts tonight.

We will have bikereg issue credits to all 168 riders pre-entered, which will be usable at any Velo Promo race in the future (including this one in the spring).  Please inform all riders you know that were intending to come (as not all will receive this email). I'll be there all day to talk to any who don't get the word, but the fewer the better.


--Robert Leibold

August 27 Update

We will have a decision tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon about cancellation/conditions.  There were two new fires in the past two days in the immediate area (Vallecito and Sonora-close to the VP HQ!); both are under control, but creating a lot of smoke in Copper. Current conditions are unsuitable for a race, but things may change by Saturday afternoon.  Prior to these fires, the air was ok for the race, but wind conditions are not currently blowing the smoke away. If we end up cancelling, we will issue credits for future Velo Promo races to all entered riders. We may be able to hold the race towards the end of September, but we certainly plan to hold it in the spring, when the area is green and the sky is clear. (and we have lots of other races set for next year!) Pass the word to your teammates, and watch for this space to have a decision by 5pm Saturday.

August 11 Update

The Copper Valley Circuit Race was just approved by Calaveras County, and the Athlone TT was approved by Merced County. Now we are waiting for Castle AFB, the City of Oakland, and the City of Santa Cruz to approve for our final races of the year. We'll open registration for Copper Valley and Athlone (District Championship TT) within the week. (Still no new info on Regalado - maybe Sept 6). Agencies are being more cautious with spreading Delta variant.

Get vaccinated!

August 4 Update

The Chowchilla Criterium (Masters and Juniors District Championships) has been replaced on Sept 5 by the Castle Criterium, in Atwater, just north of Merced.  The City of Chowchilla has informed me that construction on houses of the Chowchilla course has finally started, and the course is currently unavailable.  The Castle course, on the old Castle AFB property, and held 2010-2012, is a .65 mile flat course, with two 90 degree turns and one long 180 degree curve.  Not exciting in and of itself, but an available alternative in a short period of time.. Definitely more shade and a few lawns as well. The USAC permit will be in hand in a few days, and registration should be up at BIkeReg within the week, as will Copper Valley (Aug 29).

San Ardo (Aug 21) should be up by tomorrow.

July 19 Update

Velo Promo is opening registration for the Patterson Pass Road Race 8/8 and the Suisun Harbor Criterium 8/15 on bike reg in a day or so.

The remainder of our season is as follows:


Aug 8 Patterson Pass Road Race

Aug 15 Suisun Harbor Criterium

Aug 21 San Ardo Road Race (Championship for all)

Aug 22 Maybe University Road Race

Aug 29 Copper Valley Circuit Race

Sept 4 Athlone Time Trial (Championship for all)

Sept 6 Castle Criterium (Junior and Masters Criterium Championships)

Sept 19 Oakland Grand Prix (Criterium)

Sept 26 Maybe Santa Cruz Classic Criterium (Elite Criterium Championship (Race will be Santa Cruz pending permit; if not, it will be Oakland)


Postponed to 2022:

Warnerville TT

Dunnigan HIlls Road Race

Winters Road Race

Giro di San Francisco

Esparto TT


We may be able to fit in Regalado Road Race and/or Henleyville Road Race into some of the cancelled dates. We plan to return to a full schedule of races in 2022.

All neutral support vehicles at Velo Promo races will have to be covered on the USAC 's insurance, which means we have to send in the relevant information to USAC and pay the fees at least a week before the race, preferably earlier. If you want to be neutral support, we must have the following information (and the Chief Ref must approve you as well):

Driver's full name

Driver's license #

Driver's D.O.B.

Auto license, year make and model

Auto VIN

Insurance Company

Insurance limits

Insurance policy dates

We welcome neutral support vehicles, driven by experienced support drivers, and insured through the USAC's non-hired insurance program for everyone's safety and support.

Sponsorship Call-out
Individuals have always supported Velo Promo races; now it’s time to get companies and corporations involved. We need to raise money via sponsorships for many of our most popular races. Everyone in the sport is or knows someone in a company to approach to get them involved in sponsorship of a category, or a race, or a series of Velo Promo races in Northern California.
All we are asking is to get the names and contacts of the right (and ideally interested) people to contact in Northern California companies. Many of you have enjoyed Velo Promo races for years, and we like to think we’ve added something to the sport in this area. We’ve had one company this past year join in (thank you Darren Mar-Elia and SDM Software!), but we need several more if we are to continue our program of races. Please contact us as soon as you can.
Thank you, ----Robert Leibold velopro1@gmail.com

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