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General Policies of Velo Promo:


Our online entry provider for 2016 is 


How to Enter 

Changing Categories/Groups:  

Velo Promo will not change categories or groups for riders at the race; This causes far too many problems at registration, and results in many incorrect results. Riders who wish to change categories or groups once they have entered in a race must do so via  before the Wednesday midnight deadline ( Eastern time Thursday)



Credit towards another Velo Promo race will be issued if VP is informed by 5 pm PST on the Wednesday (for most races; always check the race ad for this deadline)  immediately prior to the race date that you can't compete at (not at the velopro1 e-mail address). Include a statement that you 

are not entering another race on that date instead (see notes, below).   Your credit will be kept on a list and checked off the next time you enter on-line (send a note to this same e-mail) - Bikereg will give you a code to enter online - or mail in an entry with a reminder that you have a credit - be sure to name the race you're claiming credit from, if you can. If instead, you cancel a race by stopping payment on your check; you may find difficulty in entering future Velo Promo races. (see bad checks, below). 


-----always leave name, category, license #, and race name in  e-mail messages 

----- No credit is given if you plan to enter another race instead; no cash refunds; no transfers/substitutions for cancellations (you may not transfer your entry to another rider). 

-----Some VP races are listed as no credit available (it's rare) 


More than One Event at a Criterium?

If you compete in more than one race event at a criterium (on the same day), the entry fee for the second race is 1/2 the advertised pre-entry fee for the lower fee race. If you do this at race registration, the fee is rounded up to the nearest dollar, to avoid change complexities. If you pre-enter, it is exactly 1/2 the fee. However you will have to pay the full fees online, and get a refund for your second race at race day registration.


Post Entry Fees:   

Velo Promo charges a higher fee for on-line entries on the final Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the race, or for entries postmarked after the pre-entry deadline, or received late in hand at the office, or at the race itself. It is usually $8, but check the race ad to besure. Velo Promo does generally charge post entry fees to riders residing outside the district in which the race takes place, now that race entry info is on the web and available to everyone regardless of area. Exceptions are often made for out of country riders, and sometimes, if printed in the announcement,  for beginners in the Cat 4 Women and Cat 5 races. Read the race ad/announcement. If you enter two events on the day of a criterium, we only charge one late fee. Avoid the post entry fee by turning in your entry and fee at the previous weekend's VP race (if there is one), no matter the deadline -- ask at registration (best time is after the race has started, and  before we pack up for the day).



Current NorCal/Nevada District Champions and National Champions will receive a refund (of all but $3 of the fee) at race registration if 1) their entry is stmarked by the deadline or online by the Sunday night before the race, (otherwise they pay full fee, including late) and 2) they ride in the category they won the championship in (Master champions may ride down in age and Juniors may ride up). District jersey is not required, but National jersey is. This refund is applicable to road race champions only for road races, criterium champions only for criteriums, time trial champions only for time trials, and cyclocross champions only for cyclocross races.

Velo Promo does not recognize category champions for the discount.  We recognize the best in any age/gender group. In other words,  discounts go to the Senior (Cat 1/2) champion, but not to the Cat 4 champion; discounts go to the Master 35+ champion, but not the Master 35+ 4/5 "champion". Discounts go to the Woman 1/2 Champion, not the Woman 4 champion; discounts go to the Junior 17-18 champion, not the Junior 3 Champion.  After all, Champion means the best in an age/gender group, not the best of the second tier group.


Bad Checks:  

Checks that are not honored by your bank upon deposit by us will need to be taken care of before your next Velo Promo entry is honored. An additional fee 

(charged by our bank) will be added. Checks that are not taken care of may also result in notification of USAC, which may result in suspension until resolved.


Waiting List:  

          Riders signing up on wait list pay full price 

·         If moved off the wait list and into the race, racer will be notified via email by the Thursday night before the race 

·         Any riders not moved off the waitlist at this time may still be able to race by showing up to the race prior to 15 minutes before their category's scheduled start time. Race promoter will call the waiting list at registration at that time, and will fill all empty spots. 

This is done in the order that riders are on the list. If you are not there when we call your name on the list, you will be skipped, and the next rider is called. 

·         Any rider on the wait list that does not get in to the race either beforehand or on race day will be refunded in full (entry and service fee) by the end of the day Monday following the race via

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