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Car Pool to Races:   Why?  


Save Money 

    Obviously, if you and two others share a car, it uses less gas and less $$ 


Help Environment

    Just as obvious; less gas used, a smaller carbon footprint


Ease Parking Congestion  

    Fewer cars in the parking areas make for happier local residents, less impact on parks, schols and private property, and easier permit processes for the organizers


Lessen impact of Injuries

    In the event of a crash and injury, an uninjured driver can drive for an injured one. It is difficult for the organizers to ferry several single driver's cars around each weekend, coordinating the rider's bicycle and other equipment. It is also much safer to not have a rider with an injury drive him or herself home. Besides, wouldn't you rather have a friend help you out and drive you home? (and don't think this won't happen to you!)


You could also consider taking the train; Amtrak, Caltrain and BART go to many of our race venues, including Merced, Hanford, Madera, Suisun City, Fremont  and others.

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