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Like to Design a tee shirt for a Velo Promo race?

Velo Promo makes tee shirts as prizes (and volunteer freebies) for nearly all of its 35-40 races each year (exceptions: Early Bird Crits, Early Bird Road Race, and Hanford Criterium – designed by the local club). They are not sold, but only given away to placers and those helping out with the races.


Most of our current designs are done by myself, Robert Leibold, using photos and clip art, and I’m running out of ideas (and I ran out of good ideas a long time ago).


I’m looking for people to come up with designs either for generic races or for specific races (with something of meaning for that particular race – I can suggest ideas, but am open to nearly anything). Designs can be cartoonish, abstract, pen and ink drawings, or any format (though I’d have trouble with watercolors, I think). My shirt printer (local here in Sonora) can print multi colors, but from a cost standpoint, I’d like to keep the number of colors down, and would prefer colors to be separated on individual sheets for the process. Submissions can be on paper or electronic (jpg is best, but various formats are ok). Initial sketches would be a good idea – I may suggest changes or add lettering.


I can feature the name of the artist on the shirt, but cannot pay for artwork, so this should be a project of interest in the sport and in design. I can , of course, provide a few shirts for the designer.


If you are still interested, let me know – if you need individual race suggestions, let me know.




---Robert Leibold

Velo Promo

(209) 533-4996

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