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Want to make things better at Velo Promo Races?


Here are a number of ways to help:


If you ride an upcoming race course a week or more before the race and see a hazard, let us know.  (fixable potholes, construction,  road closed signs, lots of gravel in turns, etc)


If you have a suggestion for a better way to do something at the race or with registration, let us know. 


If you'd like to be active at a race, you can:

    Drive a support vehicle

    Be a course marshal

    Work at Registration

    Help hand up neutral bottles at the feed zones

    Become a USAC race official  (beginner classes are available)


If you think our prize lists are too small, or we should be spending more money on something in particular at the races, help us find sponsors.  We can advertise sponsors through all of our 38 race days in NorCal/Nevada each year, either for particular races or categories, or the overall season -- with banners, tee shirts, logos on printed materials, bottles, signs, and more.  If not cash sponsorships, we can always use prize sponsors, water bottle sponsors, equipment sponsors, sound system sponsors, even a new vehicle sponsor (!)


We have had pads made up (like those that go on the ski-lift towers to pad against out-of-control skiers) for use on poles, parking meters, fire hydrants etc, instead of hay bales. We're looking for a sponsor or sponsors that would like their name/logo on these pads up at lots of places throughout the year at the races. Any takers?? 


On a race day basis, you can certainly help out by before and after races, not standing in the roadway blocking cars (or racing riders), and by not riding side by side while warming up or heading back to the parking area. Most (95%) of the complaints we get from residents are not from racers racing, but from racers before and after racing. Remember, residents have the power to stop next year's race; be respectful in general, but also for this reason.


So, if you have ideas, comments, time to offer, sponsor connections, or anything else, contact us at

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