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2020 Early Bird Criterium Information

Welcome to the Early Birds program for 2020! Just a few notes for you:

  • Please use the Warren-Fremont-Gateway route to the HQ site at Gateway and Bayside, NOT the Lakeview or Bayside routes. Map is on the right.

  • You can take BART to very close to the course. The new Warm Springs/South Fremont station is just to the north. From the station, take Warm Springs Blvd (across the parking lots) south (right) to Warren (just after Mission), then west (right) to Fremont, and then head south (left) to the left turn onto Gateway.

  • Portable toilets will be moved to the registration area at Gateway and Bayside about 7:30 or so.

  • Please do not park in or ride around in any parking lots; this is our first time here, and we want to have good relations with the companies on the course. Park were indicated by blue "Bike Race Parking" signs and course marshals, and park parallel with the curb, as close to the edge as possible. Don't block any driveways or fire hydrants.

  • While you are warming up in the area, pay attention (and obey) stop signs and signals.

  • If a siren and fire truck horns go off at the Firehouse on the course (Lakeview, just after the turn from Gateway) all events will temporarily cease, and you will be stopped on Gateway to wait for the emergency vehicles to clear. Do Not enter Lakeview if the sirens have sounded until the marshal gives the ok.

  • Thanks, and let's make this new course work well. I realize that the old course at Ardenwood is now clear of obstructions, and we may be able to use it next year, but there is still plenty of construction going on 7 days a week in the center of the loop, so not this year.

Course Access Map

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