Velo Promo and Golden Chain Cyclists present the 30th  Annual


  Patterson Pass


An Event of the 2014 California Cup

Held under USAC Rules and Permit 2014-2508

Date: Sunday August 3, 2014.                                

Location: Patterson Pass Rd at Midway Rd west of Hwy 580 southwest of Tracy , CA .

Directions: From Hwy 580 between Livermore and Hwy 5, south of Tracy , take the Patterson Pass Road exit and turn west 2 miles, park where indicated. From Hwy 205, take Mountain House Parkway exit west of Tracy and head south 5 miles (MH becomes Patterson Pass and crosses 580 enroute). Watch for no parking signs and pay attention to them. Donít park in driveways.

Registration: Opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes 15 minutes before each start. for all categories, at the corner of Midway and Patterson Pass. Do not park on Patterson where road is narrow or on Midway west of Patterson.

Course: (same as last ten years) Loop: Patterson Pass WEST from registration, north on Flynn, north on Carroll (after freeway), east on Altamont Pass Road, east on Grant Line, south on Midway back to start/finish area. A 23 mile loop with  a lot of up and downhill (mountainous) in the first half, rolling in the second half. Two very fast descents.

Events:                   miles       laps         places     value       fee           start         limit

Category 1/2/Pro     92            4              10            $300        $33          8:00         120
Category 3              69            3              6              $100        $33          8:10         65
Category 4              69            3              6              $100        $33          8:15         65
Mstr 35+ 1/2/3       69            3              6              $100        $33          8:20         60
Mstr 45+ 1/2/3        69            3              6              $100        $33          8:25         60
Women 1/2/3*          69            3              6              $300        $33          8:30         60
Mstr 35+ 4               46            2              6              $100        $33          8:35         60
Mstr 35+ 5               46            2              6              $0            $33          8:40         60
Category 5              46            2              6              $0            $33          8:45         50
Mstr 45+ 4               46            2              6              $50          $33          8:50         50
Mstr 55+ 1/2/3        46            2              6              $50          $33          8:55         50

Women 35+            46            2              6              $50          $33          9:00         50
Women 4                  46            2              6              $50          $33          9:05         50 

*Wm 3 picked out separately (4 places, $50) and may be started separately

2nd groups will be available.

Prizes: Merchandise, tee shirts, and/or cash (minimum 25% cash)

Grafitti Road Series Points: Categories that will be earning points in the Graffiti Road national point series in the NorCal/Nev division are: 1/2, 3, 4, 35+ 1/2/3, 45+ 1/2/3, and  Women 1/2/3

How to Enter:

          ---via On-line at from 7:00 p.m. Tuesday July 1, 2014 to July 27, 2014 for above fees plus on-line surcharge. From July 28-July 30 the fee on-line is $7 additional. No on-line entry after midnight PST Wednesday July 30.  Youíll need to sign and date your entry form/release at race registration desk.

          ---By Mail: You may still enter by mail, but if a group is filling, go on-line. By mail, send standard USAC entry form/release along with fee above (if Postmarked by Friday July 25 to Velo Promo/Leesville, 19780 Soulsbyville Road, Soulsbyville, CA 95372. For those postmarked after, add $7. Note: indicate what category you are entering on check or form. Entries for several races in one envelope ok, but be sure to list race names on the outside. Envelopes without names of races on the outside may go to the wrong race. Mail in entries will not be processed until after the opening of online reg.

          ---At Race: You may enter at the race, provided your event is not filled, for the above listed fee  plus $7.

          2014 USAC license required (available at race). One day licenses are available only for Cat 5 or Women 4 . Entry fees include $1 NCNCA and $3 USAC insurance surcharges.  Numbers will be provided.

Credits: Credit for another VP race will be given if VP is notified at  5 pm PST Wednesday 7/30  that you can't com≠pete. No credit issued if you plan to enter another race instead; no cash refunds. No substitutions for cancellations. Send e-mail for credit to:

Champion Discounts: Champions pay normal fees up front; Current NorCal/Nevada District Road Race Champions and National Road Champions will get a refund at the reg desk of all but $3 per day if 1) their entry is received by the deadline above (otherwise they pay full fee, including late fee) and 2) they ride in the category they won the championship in (Master Cham≠pions may ride down in age, and ride for $3, and Juniors may ride up. District jersey is not required

Rules: Official follow vehicles (volunteer today!!). No vehicles allowed on downhill of Patterson Pass Road. Feed Zone two miles west of reg on Patterson Pass. (That means feed vehicles have to backtrack when done to start). Neutral Feed available. Centerline rule enforced; Rules for CHP-controlled stop signs will be explained at start. Bring a pump and a spare, there may be no follow vehicles.  Neutral Support Vehicles Needed:  Bring along someone to do it, and receive a free entry.  There is other traffic on the roadway; always be aware of it and be prepared to slow and/or maneuver; warn riders behind you of hazards.

Further Info:(209) 533-4996.





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