NCNCA Equipment/Numbers Request Form 2012

Name of Race: _________________________________ Date of Race _____________

Promoter’s Club:_______________________________________

NCNCA Member? ___Yes ___No        e-mail:__________________________________

Promoter's Name:____________________________________________ 

Work Phone:___________________ Home :_______________________

Address for Race Day Delivery:________________________________________________________

Address for Prior Delivery:____________________________________________________________

(most likely time of delivery, during weekdays prior to race weekend – usually Wednesday)

Phone Number of Prior Delivery Location:_______________________________

Note: Before filling out form below, please read all of the notes of the following page

EQUIPMENT:   # Available  #ordered #delivered     comments

Lap/Finish Bell     2       _____     _____     ______________________________________

Lap Card Set        2       _____     _____     ______________________________________

Bullhorn               3        _____     _____     _____________________________________

Digital Finish Camera 3   _____     _____     _____________________________________

First Aid Kit         3         _____     _____     _____________________________________

Safety Vests       60        _____     _____     _____________________________________

Traffic Cones        300     _____     _____     _____________________________________

Stop/Slow Paddles 12     _____     _____     _____________________________________

CC Fencing (100' rolls) 40 _____    _____     _____________________________________

CC Fence Posts     30     _____     _____     _____________________________________

Post Driver             2       _____     _____     _____________________________________

Traffic Standards:

-- Metal Tripod Stands 9    _____    _____     _____________________________________

-- Flagmen Ahead Signs 8 _____    _____     _____________________________________

-- Prepare/Stop Signs 8     _____   _____     _____________________________________

-- Road Closed Signs 4     _____    _____     _____________________________________

-- Caution Bike Race Signs 4 _____ _____    ____________________________________

-- Orange Flags         20     _____   _____     ____________________________________

Extra Orange Flags   40     _____   _____     _____________________________________

Sound Systems          2     _____   _____     _____________________________________

Generator                  2     _____   _____     _____________________________________

Extension Cord (100’) 2     _____   _____     _____________________________________

Tent (10x10 ez ups)    2     _____   _____     _____________________________________

Electronic display board (Big Red) 1   _____   ______      ______________________________________

Push Brooms             4     _____   _____     _____________________________________

48" reflectorized pylons  30   _____  _____  _________________________________________

______________ ___ _____ _____ ______________________________________

______________ ___ _____ _____ ______________________________________

Race Numbers:  How many 100-number sets?_______________________________Pins?_________

(Numbers: Cost of $25.00/hundred;     Pins: $20/box (1440 pins));  check must accompany request at least 2 weeks prior to race) - May be delivered with equipment or shipped. If to be shipped, we need the address to ship to.


Signature for receipt of Delivery:_____________________________________

Date: ____________________Print Name:______________________________

How to get the equipment:

1) Fill out above form

2) Attach a Map for both addresses above

3) Mail this form at least two weeks before race to: NCNCA Equipment, 19780 Soulsbyville Road, Soulsbyville, CA 95372. (209) 533-4996. You can try FAXing this form to (209) 533-4996. Or e-mail to Don’t send us page 2….

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Information about NCNCA Equipment

--There is no charge to NCNCA member clubs for use and delivery of the equipment. For non-members, the fee is $1 per rider in the event, $.50 per mile for the delivery, and a $70 flat fee (provided member clubs are not already using it). However, if a promoter cancels an event without informing the equipment office at least three days prior to the event weekend, the club will be charged for the delivery.

--This service is only to transport the equipment to your race site (or prior delivery spot), not to operate or set it up. Your club is responsible for missing or damaged equipment, and will be billed for same.

--If you wish to be informed about the status of your delivery, include a SASE with your request form or contact us by e-mail at

--Race numbers and pins are available through this office as well. There is also a separate form on the  website . Numbers come in sets of 100 for $25 (numbers available 1-1,000).Pins are 1440 in a box for $20@. Numbers will be shipped UPS or delivered with equipment, so order early – 30 days minimum.

--If more than one event requests the same equipment for the same date, NCNCA Members conducting NCNCA, USCF or NORBA races on the 2010 NCNCA Calendar take precedence. Equipment may be split between races. Order just what you need.

--If more than one event is one a weekend in the same area, it may end up being the responsibility of the two promoters to get the equipment to each other. The Equipment Director takes an annual vacation in mid-late June, promoters during that time may need to cooperate to move the equipment.

--Bells are electric, with dry cell batteries, or hand held bells with clappers

--Lap cards are on lap card boards, count up to 99 laps, both sets come with a stand.

--Bullhorns are electric, and are battery operated. Please turn volume to "0" at end of race, (and reverse a pack of batteries to avoid draining), and be sure to store without turning on the siren switch.

--Digital Finish Cameras Sometimes come with the officials themselves, but be sure to order them anyway. They have adapters for plugging into car lighters or household current, and are equipped with batteries that will need charging before the race day. They are accompanied by a tripod. The officials may transport these to the next race; check with the Chief Ref at the end of the event.

--First Aid Kits are stocked with minor injury supplies, and are not meant to replace an EMT, paramedic or ambulance. If equipment is delivered after an event the previous day, these may be out of some items.

--Traffic Cones are standard 18" orange. We would like the same ones back that we deliver, not some or your city's or club's mixed in to make the right number. Please check them.

--Stop/Slow Paddles These are hand-held two-sided signs for halting or slowing traffic, usually at road races and time trials.

--Crowd Control Fencing Comes in rolls of 100' length (some shorter rolls), 4' in height. This is orange plastic mesh "snow fence". The best thing to use for securing fence to posts and poles is white cotton sash cord or , cut into two-foot lengths. Please re-roll tightly after use, and tie near top and bottom. Remove all banners, strings, garbage and stickers before re-rolling, and don't use wire or zip ties to tie them up. Tightly means TIGHTLY. A roll should not be more than 11" in diameter for the stiffer fence, or 8" for the more flexible. Your club will be charged $5 for each roll that the equipment manager has to re-roll.

--Crowd Control Fence posts are 5' or 6' stakes to drive into the ground or secure against something (haybales? short fixed posts?) Support for the fencing is needed every 20 feet or so. The post driver assists in sinking the post in the ground. If you bend the pole while trying to get it out of the ground, be sure to re-bend and straighten it for the next user

--Traffic Standards: are a set of tripod stand/mesh sign/brace that are Caltrans acceptable. The signs are to be spread on the orange kite-frame-like braces and affixed to existing poles or the tripods (thus you may not need the tripods, which are heavy and awkward). The tripods have spaces for two orange flags, for more visibility.

--Sound Systems: suitable for a small area, and must be plugged into household current or generator. Consists of mike, two speakers, amplifier and cords. One has speaker horns, one has speaker boxes.

--Generator: will supply current for sound and/or camera monitors (2,000 watt). It needs gasoline to operate, and should be delivered with a spare gas can. It may need oil (motor oil) to start; check the oil intake; oil should be up to the threads inside; the generator won’t start without enough oil or with too much, or if the generator is on a slope.

--Extension Cords: 100' to distance generator from announcer, or bring electricity from another source

--Tents are 10x10 easy-up; good for shade, light rain; come with 1-3 walls as well.

--Electronic Display Boards 2 2x3" electronic display boards:  Lap counter, Time display (but not realtime display), needs electricity (no battery), comes with two tripods. Known as "Big Reg", the case is 1 1/2 x6x3'. 

--Push brooms: Sturdy brooms for moving glass, sand or gravel. If your debris is deep (sand?) you’ll need to provide a shovel rather than trying to move it all with a broom.

--Pylons  48" tall pylons with detachable black bases


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